30 noiembrie 2012

XBOX360 vs PS3

EN: I won't bother you with silly explanations or noob comments, but I felt the need to write an article about this two giants in the gaming industry platforms: the xbox360, produced by Microsoft and PS3, creation of Sony. These two gaming devices differ
both in hardware and software, running separate engine modules and playing different types of content and media. That is way you won't be able to emulate games from PS3 or Xbox360 on your PC ever ! According to Examiner.com , the ps3 and the xbox360 were constantly updated on the software part, in order to avoid massive money loss caused by intense hacking. It is said in an article written in Google News that the financial damages recorded by the two company who own the gaming gears, Sony and Microsoft, reach 10 million dollars every year. The attempts made to stop or limit these actions are useless, so both companies have decided to quit updating the software of the gaming consoles with the latest patches. GamingBolt.com will tell you more about hardware, software, patches, updates, newest game titles and other news you might consider interesting about these platform and the fascinating world of video gamers.
RO: Ca sa nu va plictisesc prea mult, accesati GamingBolt.com pentru a afla mai multe detalii despre cele doua console, XBOX360 si PS3, precum si noutati legate de soft, componente, actualizari, statistici. Puteti intra si pe Examiner.com pentru a citi alte articole legate de subiectul consolelor pentru jocuri video si in special, care este diferenta intre jocurile create pentru console si cele pentru calculator si de ce nu se pot juca pe diverse platforme si sisteme de operare.