10 martie 2013

A fun way to waste time: Rummy online

   We all know that board games such as chess, backgammon, domino, rummy, in high demand among enthusiasts have taken the step towards modern technology and
electronic or online versions of these games are
highly appreciated.
   I will not refer to chess because it's a game where you lose a lot of time and requires a lot of logic, but backgammon and rummy became for the loyal players of these games a way to interact and create a space where entertainment makes time pass more quickly.
   I do not know how to play rummy, but I found some very interesting things about this game, I understand that now you can play on various platforms and can be installed directly on your own computer through software provided by the site where you choose to create your account, then go with the data in the platform and show off your skills with other participants. Internet connection is a must, obviously.
   Such website-platform for online rummy is RummyRoyal, indeed an international program with an interface available in several languages​​, including Romanian, where players can find the best rummy games with various options: Rummy 500 , traditional Rummy, Oklahoma Gin, Kalooki 40, Kalooki 51, Gin.
Games can be played using both pieces and playing cards. The gameplay is available as follows: one against one, player versus player, or participate in tournaments. Tournaments can be free entry or the player is able to earn money or prizes if he can get on top level ranks.
   Online rummy sounds better and more promising than other bullshit machine slots games, I mean that you play from the comfort of your own home, without stress, without being obliged to give money, just sitting at the computer or laptop. If I could understand the mechanism of the game, even I would participate, since this platform RummyRoyal, gives you a 5 $ bonus start. Sounds interesting, so let the games begin !
   You heard me, a reason to try your luck.For you to receive the 5 $, you will need to download game software and complete the specific form.

To learn how to play please watch the video below and click buttons on the screen using the mouse when prompted to do so.

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