05 aprilie 2013

Gain traffic and money with SocialBirth

SocialBirth, also called Social Media Advertising Net it's an advertising company which gathers bloggers from every corner of the world and offers them a system based on traffic and various ways to monetize this traffic.
The system is actually very simple, it has a lot of benefits for the participating websites. SocialBirth is based on a series of structural methods, consisting in earning coins. These coins are virtual points which can be used to gain visits to your blog/website from the other users. I don't think this is a very good idea, and it's my opinion only, no need to panic, the coin system is not very effective. But the part with methods used to collect coins I like the most. Very interesting, clicking on facebook pages, photos and giving them likes, google+ profiles, twitter and youtube pages and profiles etc. It is a very good initiative to attract visitors from those website pages, but I think SocialBirth need to improve these methods. First of all, it is too general treated. I mean, the profile of my website is in Romanian, and I need to focus on the traffic from my country, not to visitors from South Africa. So, basically, the idea is very good and I am very keen on waiting to improve this website, make it more efficient based on users preferences.
Of course, when you enter the website for the first time, and you see only a few members online and pagerank 0, you feel the need to close it immediately. But think a little bit of a premium or a VIP account on SocialBirth. The advantages of a paid account instead of a free one are limitless. You need to have to register on the website first to take advantage of the main benefits.
Let's start with the begining and explain how this works: you register on SocialBirth, confirm that account using the confirmation message sent by e-mail and then you need to log in with username and password you have just created. After you log in , you need to put on the website the webpage address of you personal blog/website/forum/facebook profile/youtube account and whatever you want to start doing. After that, in an optional way, you can create a custom banner using free services provided by google, just search and you will find it. When you have the banner, you need to upload it in order to start gaining more visits, because the visual ads impress much more than the text advertising. When you did that, you are a free and happy man. But don't forget, if you want to monetize your website, by telling your visitors/customers what you have to offer, you need to work, to be active on SocialBirth network. Your main objective, goal or purpose is to earn coins. As much as you can. With that coins you can afford to attract visitors and increase your traffic, when the network will become bigger. Let us hope so, because when SocialBirth will grow it will become the main source of notoriety for any website included in the traffic system.
I am sure this is the main attraction these days, when are no other ways to earn reputation, popularity, became known to more and more people that will apreciate your content and eventually buy your products and services.
That is the purpose of SocialBirth, to extent their network, include more people and websites, increase traffic  and the supreme goal is to gather people from all around to world, to help them socialize in a virtual space, where they can be friends, know each other, exachange experiences, ways of life. Also SocialBirth is a good place to earn some money, by the traffic generated, which helps your business to grow.
So, the deal is the deal, the main announcements, deals, offers, news are on SocialBirth blog, because it has a blog which keeps users updated with the big events and changes.I forgot to mention, with the coins systems you have pretty much a lot of options, like buy more coins or transfer them to other users. Who would do that? 
Daily bonus is a feature which activates after the user choses a number of collecting coins methods, and so to speak, becomes more active. It is hardly a complicated thing to do, but the trick is to be there, as much as you can.

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