10 aprilie 2013

Search engine optimization service

The best promotion tool for a new website is a platform called SEOprofiler. I just found it out, because I searched for some web tools to help me increase my seo and traffic. And I found, as I said, this platform which has many tools who can help you to achieve the best place in searches through clicks and keywords.
Many web tools are shown in this platform and some of them are available for free.
If a customer or user needs a more professional approach and wants to use the maximum resources of this tools, it can choose to select the proffessional package which is paid service. Don't know if this is the right choice, but I searched on platform and here are the tools I found and I just used for webpage optimization and page rank:

1.Website audit
Very important for those who want to eliminate all page errors in order to get the full quality of his website. By eliminating all the crawling errors, index and content errors, you can show search engines that you deserve to be searched.Some features are available only on a paid service.

2.Webpage optimizer
A top 10 optimizing page tool which helps the customers to improve their serach engine optimization based on a single keyword or a group of keywords, metadescriptions etc.This tool has a lot of benefits because it uses some features like keywords density, a readability checker, a neighbour spy, like a race between your website and a rival website, rich snippets creator, tutorials etc.

This free tool can give your website good quality backlinks, based on content. It has some features available only with paid services.

4.Page rank checker
This tool has a pagerank monitor free and easy to use. It shows up a complete report and a wide view about your positioning in search engines, scores, ranks, number of visitors, audience percentage based on keywords and many more.

5. Website submitter
This feature allows any website to be automatically submitted to aproximately 20 search engines from all around the world. Of course, this feature has a free and a paid version. I choosed the paid version because it has a lot more options than the free, basic version.

I wrote down this article because some of you will find very useful these type of platforms, with many details, tools, options and modules to get your website higher in the search engines, make it more powerful regarding to content, correct the errors, have stronger keywords. Actually I consider SEOprofiler the begining of the road to a professional, succesfull website. Maybe a popular business.