04 octombrie 2013

KingsRoad account ! Limited offer !

I had been thinking and I decided to offer one of my few browser based games account. I want to give my KingsRoad account.

KingsRoad is one of the fewest RPG games, whose action takes place  in an ideal environment, a fantasy world and the function mechanism of the game is based on an online platform, with flash and java elements.What is interesting about RPG games  is that they are not available as online tools on the Internet, but more like apps and software installed on various types of platforms/devices(personal computers, phones, pc tablets, gaming console etc.). This KingsRoad game is an exception from the rule.

Below I will give you some details about my account and the game itself. The level obtained by me in the game is 43, maximum is 60. I reached this level by playing fair, without cheats. I will advise you to do the same. There are three classes available: Archer, Wizard, Knight, each own with its abilities, weapons, items and powers. In a single account there are all 3 classes, because the player it is allowed to choose between these 3 characters.
There are three types of difficulty levels: Normal, Heroic and Champion. Each one of this offers the player unique items. I have all the items for the Epic level. The Highest Level for Items is Legendary.

Both the bakery and the forge are upgraded until level 4. My skills/abilities.powers are 4, all upgraded to maximum level of 10.

Below you have some details that I mentioned earlier in this post:

So, in the left upper corner, where it is written 43, it is my level. Down below, in that square, are my 4 wizard skills.  They are all upgraded to max level 10.

Here you have all the details of the player. If you have more questions, wite them down here or send them by mail. Also, by email, you will receive all the details about how to get this account. After you get it, remember this:

1.change password
2.play fair, without cheats
3. happy gaming